We are baking bread and we will continue to bake bread for the foreseeable.

That said, I am changing what we do and the way we do it.

We will not be baking Sundays and Mondays. In addition, and for the foreseeable, I shall be asking most of our “home delivery” customers to collect from the bakery; the exceptions being the elderly, infirm, key workers and any households in quarantine. The on-line ordering service will continue, but I have reduced the loaves to the three most popular: Saratoga, Agincourt & Poitiers. I'll try and bake others as and when possible (or required). Please, we need a minimum of 48 hours notice; we cannot fulfil same day orders. Payment options include card, bank transfer and COD.

I am investigating “group collections” for local volunteers to collect and distribute loaves to their neighbours and will post any news as soon as we have any options in place. If you would like to volunteer please mail me.

Loaves will also be available to purchase from the bakery door 8am-3pm; we accept cards and, for the time being, cash.

The bakery “back door” can be found on an alley off St Agnes Place, SE5 0SE

(we are no longer located on Glasshouse Walk in Vauxhall)

It is a long alleyway, so “social distancing” will not be an issue! But, we will ask customers not to enter the bakery; you will be served at the doorway.

It is my intention to support everyone as best I can, this includes my local wholesale customers that continue to trade (@MillarsGstore on Black Prince Road) as well as those that are working on alternative offerings (eg delivery & takeaway).

I shall continue to reviewi our operation and supply chain and will post any changes here and on social media (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook).

Please understand that ordinarily we will not be picking up the phone or checking voicemail (much the same as ever); if you have questions, etc please contact me via e-mail. I shall endeavour to respond as promptly as possible.



Bread at the back door SE5 0SE